Southern Skillshot Training Camp

Southern Skillshot Training Camp is TSAAP/YES very own 12-week esport focused training camp. Students who enroll will be given a structured environment that will build upon the fundamentals it takes to become a pro.  During the 12 weeks students will focus on 3 different aspects of training: Physical, Mental , Empowerment. Our focus is to help develop student athletes into college ready competitors.

About Our Camp


Southern Skillshot Training Camp (SSTC) is designed to help all aspiring gamers to become more proficient in their game and more knowledgeable as a student. Students who enroll into our program will be given weekly courses that focused on various aspects of success. In this program, student athletes will not only be given esport focused courses to complete but also will gain skills in STEM-related areas.  So not only are our players a step above the competition with our courses, but they also shine among their peers. All of this and more and more inside the Southern Skillshot Training Camp.

Latest News

Southern Skillshot Qualifier

Southern Skillshot Qualifier is our very own esports tournament. Open for a limited number of teams, more information coming soon.


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